Augusto German Roux – Injured CoViD19 Vaccine Volunteer

The reporting notification that Augusto received two doses of 30 mcg of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine (BNTlight12b2)


The following is a post made on Facebook by a friend of mine:

Augusto German Roux lives in Buenos Aires. In September he volunteered in trials for Pfizer’s vaccine. In his profile Augusto shares his experience of what happened to him after the tests. I recommend you read him.

Augusto is not a conspiracy… He volunteered because he felt it was his best way of contributing:

′′But I did it in good faith, I’m no suicidal, and it’s no cold. I had cases that they died from this, and it’s a horrible death. Respect for the departed of this as well.

I don’t have any bigotry, conspiracy or laboratories. I clarify for doubts, the scuffle doesn’t kill anyone, Japan used it decades ago and is one of the most advanced nations.”

Augustus says, ′′ In the second dose I had fevers over 40 degrees of temperature, my urine was coke-cola and on the second day I felt my heart inflated like a balloon, suffering terrible tachycardias, I thought I was dying of a heart attack. I also passed out and walked into an intensive care ward at a Buenos Aires hospital. I filed the complaint with Anmat, the FDA, but they covered it all up.

My case was completely real!

They had to open the double blind and found out they had given me the vaccine, and the symptoms I had were within hours of being given the second dose.”

This is your experience:
′′The truth that everything that happened to me no one explained to me, they told me about minor events and never told me that it was extremely hepatotoxic.
In my case it had to [reveal whether it was placebo or vaccine] because I was admitted to the German hospital with a very complex picture, I had experienced fevers greater than 40 degrees, peeing very darkly and impressive tachycards.

I never had coronary or hepatic problems, so as a precaution from the military hospital it was decided to break the secret to find out or try to get closer about what happened.
That’s how it was determined that I had been given the vaccine 72 hours before my hospital admission.

All this happened in September, and it has nothing to do with political ideology in this, in fact I have written and asked from all political and ideological colors, because what happened to me was a fact linked to health that affects us to all.

I’m not looking to go to any media outlets, not of interest, I might have been out to talk earlier. I prefer social media, or at least fb, that little by little, one by one and as I allow it, I can answer every single audience question. I prefer this interaction, you know better than me the management given by certain concentrated communication groups such as Clar ínn Group or Vila Manzano.

Besides, not everyone is causing or producing the same adverse reactions, maybe you did very well and I’m very happy. That’s what these clinical trials are for, to determine what group or subgroup of people a vaccine could or could not be given and what effects it could bring to.

I volunteered from the heart, my mom is dependent oxygen, and I did it for all those who are connected to a respirator and their families. Believe me, suffering in the midst of a respiratory pandemic, tending to dependent oxygen is no easy task.”

According to him:
′′The problem is not in the first dose but in the second dose.

I don’t see journalists very excited to post anything like this. Believe me, I don’t know how others will be, but this vaccine is extremely hepatotoxic “, things that ′′never get fixed”.

Now he is ′′slowly moving forward with hepatic medication, but it was such a fever that you don’t look quite well. I had a fever greater than 40 degrees, something that in my body is not normal”

At least he took advantage of this situation to study how the picture was, right? In order to prevent if it happens to someone else: ′′The problem lies not in the statistics, but in that if another similar case occurs, the table will not be able to prevent and that person will not endure it.

This is why all clinical studies are done, to determine with luxury the wide spectrum of effects that may occur. If not they studied it with me, and did the exact same thing, I estimate it is no guarantee at least one proof that inoculation is safe.”

Do you realize the implications of this last comment? The tests are done to measure safety and study the adverse effects, but at least in their case no one went to study what had happened to him, not having therefore recorded it, or data to be able to prevent if another person happen to him. Obviously if when someone has an adverse effect is not recorded, the statistics don’t reflect the reality of drug danger. But above all why didn’t anyone care to study their harm and learn to prevent similar ones or to assess the actual safety of the vaccine? What is this all about then?

At least Augustus will have developed antibodies to protect him, right? Truth?: ′′ But if there’s one thing I’m sure it’s that Pfizer’s vaccine can generate ′′0′′ level of antibodies and it doesn’t contain this information in any dossier, they always say it generates a minimum. I have the certificate that I was given vaccine, please I ask you not to give that shit, besides having a very bad time does not protect you!”

The hospital report. On September 12, three days after the second dose of the vaccine, and where it was two days, and whose diagnosis is ′′Adverse reaction to coronavirus vaccine (high probability).” He tested negative on PCR.


Confirmation of receipt of the report on this adverse effect to the body responsible for managing vaccine damage in the United States (VAERS), which has paid more than $4 BILLION in compensation for adverse effects due to vaccines.


The document of the report for damage to the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology of Argentina


The antibody test conducted in November, two months after the second dose. Values greater than 1 are considered positive, but both results (IGG and IGM) are lower, with 0.03 and 0.74 respectively.


Facebook blocking the thread in which Augusto recounts this, with more than a thousand times shared. After writing to Facebook, they understood that the information being counted was true and proceeded to unblock it.


If you’re not already Vegan, and you think animals matter morally, then please live Vegan. It’s incredible for the animals, easy and great for you, and wonderful for the planet. If you’re already Vegan, please educate non-Vegans about why they should go Vegan. Please rescue, volunteer, adopt, foster, spay, and neuter the nonhuman refugees of domestication whenever you can. Please feed your nonhuman family Vegan where you can. These things are the most important, morally responsible things to do and are desperately needed by everyone.

To learn more about Abolitionist Veganism and the issues I’ve outlined in this post, check out The Master List Of Vegan Info:

Disclaimer: My only goal with this list is to produce as comprehensive a resource for vaccine harm information as possible. I am 100% Abolitionist Vegan and 100% against exploitation of nonhuman or human animals, any type of violence against human or nonhuman persons or property, welfare regulation, any form of speciesism, ethnic bigotry, genderism, ableism, cis-sexism, etc., any of the large governmental or non-governmental nonhuman animal organizations, “happy meat,” vegetarianism, veg*nism, Meat-Free Mondays, or other forms of reductionism and anything else that makes it seem like any form of violence or exploitation of animals is ok. If any of those positions are endorsed on any site in this list, or any language is used to imply that, it’s not that I included that link because I agree, but simply because I don’t control every bit of information on all of these sites.

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